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Celtic Childcare is an agency that was founded in 1997 and is based in the center of Turin; we are members of International Au Pair Association since 2002 and recently we have created the Associazione nazionale Italiana Agenzia Alla Pari – ANIAP to promote the au pair program nationally and internationally among young people and to establish guidelines and rules for au-pairs, host families, tutors and the Italian agencies operating in this sector.

Celtic Childcare is an agency created to encourage young people to exchange culture and between countries, offering them the opportunity to be welcomed by a family carefully chosen by us. In addition, the agency offers Italian families the opportunity to welcome children from different cultures and countries into their homes, thus starting an experience that will enrich the children, the au pair-Tutor and the parents.

Celtic Childcare through questionnaires and participation applications for aupair and families, we manage to combine the needs of each one to ensure an optimal experience, which satisfies the needs and desires of individual members.

Celtic Childcare relies exclusively on foreign partner agencies that work directly on the territory and guarantee the application of the same evaluation and selection criteria. Our agencies are located in: Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, China and the United States. Through its network of foreign agencies, Celtic Childcare allows quick and easy communication between au pairs and host families, creating a stable relationship between us and the surrounding area.

Celtic Childcare is looking for tutors and au-pairs for Italy in Italian families, Italian au-pairs in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. It also offers the opportunity to do an academic year, summer English courses and a summer work experience in southern Ireland, hunting and fishing activities in Ireland and a summer camp in the United States.

Our task is to send the candidate’s references, medical and judicial certificate and the interview report to the Italian host families.

The rules governing the “au pair” relationship are inspired by the European treaty of 11/24/1969 which establishes the principles to be observed on the subject and the rules of conduct dictated by the international trade association IAPA.

Celtic Childcare is authorized to carry out its functions by the Ministry of Labor pursuant to Legislative Decree 276/2003 (prot. 107 / RS).

Elizabeth Lenihan – Director

Elizabeth Lenihan is the director of Celtic Childcare; she is originally from Ireland, she is a mother and she herself has had experiences with aupair for her daughter. She actively collaborates with IAPA and has developed an outstanding reputation with many agencies around the world. Her expert advice, care and assistance allow to mediate and resolve any type of conflict and / or difficulty that may arise.

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Au Pair Agency

Experience the world with Celtic ChildCare. As an au pair agency, we are dedicated to bringing together families with au pairs who provide childcare and lead to cultural exchange around the world. Celtic Childcare will always be there for you every step of the way.

Our au pair agency is aimed at both families looking for au pairs and all young people who wish to undertake this training and cultural exchange path. If you want to become a host family and welcome an au pair into your home, we recommend that you visit the section of our website dedicated to families to discover all the regulations and all the benefits of this enriching program. If, on the other hand, you are a young woman who wants to try this wonderful experience, you can find all the information in the AU Pair section of our site. Live with a family abroad while caring for their children, have the experience of a lifetime and participate in a wonderful cultural exchange.

Our au pair agency is one of the most important in Italy for English, Italian, French, German and Spanish mother-tongue girls who want to find a homestay. We love to help people create unique personal connections to increase understanding and cultural exchange.

Host an au pair and get the help you were looking for for your children

Celtic Childcare is looking for Italian families who want to host girls from abroad. For many years our agency has supported young women who wish to become au pairs abroad, and helps them to match them with a family and takes care of their relocations.

For working parents sometimes need help with their children, but it’s not always easy to find a trusted person to leave their children with. Hosting an au pair in your home may be the most suitable solution, as it provides a flexible help and assistance service that meets the needs of the family group. Precisely for this reason, more and more Italian families are hosting girls from abroad. An au pair is a young person who lives abroad with a host family, and who will look after their children in exchange for food, accommodation and monthly wages. It is a unique experience for the whole family, as welcoming a person from another country will allow you to get to know another culture and improve your language skills.

For nearly 25 years, Celtic Childcare has been looking after au pairs and host families, helping both to find accommodation that satisfies both parties. Become one of the Italian families that host girls from abroad! Discover the dedicated section on our website to find all the information to register for the program!

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