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AuPair application form

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What do you need to do before you leave?

To discover the world is a wonderful experience. We can help you live this dream, give us that opportunity, that’s all we ask of you.


Write a letter to the family (in their language) and introduce yourself. Talk about who you are, your family, your hobbies and interests, your studies and your experience with children.

You can choose to use this letter to include all of the information you think is necessary to tell your future host family.


You will need to obtain two verifiable written references, and at least one of the two must relate to your experience with children.

Furthermore, your references must be written by two different people along with their contact details. The letters must be written in English or the language of the chosen country or translated from Italian into English.


Send us a copy of all the required documents by either email, fax or post (we have provided a list of all the documents we need from you at the side of the page).

We do need colour scans and photographs. If you do not have the facilities available to you at home, please find a place where this option is available (this is a necessary requirement).


As soon as we have received all your details and your application is complete, we immediately look for a suitable family to place you in. The families through our agency are referenced and have been carefully selected by oversea agents. This allows us to do all that is possible to ensure they are suitable profile matches.

Once aligned with your selected family, you will receive their presentation and we will contact you for an interview. Via Skype® you are about to converse with the family, discovering the city and all the services it has to offer, all you need to do is sign the contract and book your flight!

Au pair application form
We will have sent this to you- it will be used alongside your letter for your profile.

Medical report
We will have sent you an application form with regards to your health.

Help fill in the gaps on the form we sent you – we need two.

The family would like to see and speak to you before they decide to host you. Compile a mini photo collage of you with children, your family and taking part in interesting hobbies etc.

Identity Card
It must be in good condition, intact and valid for travelling abroad. If it doesn’t meet these requirements you will need to acquire a new one.

Certificate of good mental and physical health

We want to make sure that you are fit to travel and that you will not put yourself and others at risk. You can get this certification from your local doctor.

Disclosure and barring service (DSB/CRB) check
This can be obtained from court houses and or police. This is a document that tells us that you have not been in any trouble with the authorities.

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