How to save money in Ireland? Here are some tips and advice for those just starting out

Ireland, as well as Barcellona and Milan, is one of the most distinguished destinations for those who decide to have an au pair work experience. The Emerald Isle attracts people with its lush climate, streets filled with music bands, and pubs packed with customers intent on drinking beer and watching rugby matches on TV. Dublin, Cork, and Galway are illustrative places for staying in Ireland as an au pair. Along with that, it would be an excellent opportunity to discover the glamours and picturesque landscapes of the country.


But how can you visit Ireland on a small budget? Here are some tips for not spending all your au pair compensation.

In the Irish capital, Dublin, you can get your fill of culture without spending a single euro. In Dublin, numerous museums are open to access, such as the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, the museum dedicated to James Joyce or the museum-hospital of dolls and teddy bears. However, during your au pair stay in Ireland, you may also want to discover museums outside Dublin. Best to buy a Heritage Card, which allows you access places of your interest for a whole year.

Enjoy the greenness of the parks:

The green color can undoubtedly be seen in Dublin and throughout Ireland. In the Irish capital, public parks pop up at every corner, and those who want to take pleasure in a bit of greenery are satisfied with their choice, even without straying too far from the city center. And the same happens in other cities too. In Cork, for example, there is Fitzgerald Park which houses the public museum that can be visited for free. Near Galway, the Connemara National Park has an accessible entrance, with the possibility to see it with organized tours. Throughout the year, it hosts multiple events, including some with free entry.

Save on transport in Ireland

If you are an au pair in Dublin, an excellent way to save money on transport is bike-sharing. In this way you can use and pay for the bike only when you need it, saving and keeping fit simultaneously! However, if the weather conditions are not favorable or you have to travel long distances, you can take public transport and, in this case, an excellent way to save a few euros is to buy a Leap Card: it is a rechargeable card that allows paying for public transport a little less than what you would pay for purchasing individual tickets. Finally, if you want to move from Dublin and visit the whole island, you can travel by train: by purchasing tickets online, you can take advantage of discounted rates.

September Culture Night in Ireland

Finally, if you can decide when to have your au pair experience in Ireland, choose September. Culture Night takes place throughout Ireland every year this month. It is a week-long event that offers free music, art, theater, dance, culture, and sport events in numerous locations throughout the country. A truly unforgettable opportunity to have entertainment and discover lesser-known sides of Irish culture at no cost!

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