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My amazing experience in Italy


I felt very welcome from the time I stepped off the plane.

I  landed in Italy with no friends, no family, and no clue how to communicate in their language, but in the three months I spent as their au pair, I no longer felt like any of those things were missing. Ivan and Nadia went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. They were also very flexible with my shifts and encouraged me to travel and spend as much time as possible seeing Italy. They are two very kind and compassionate people. 

The children and I had a terrific time while I was working with them. Raoul is very kind and very passionate about his interests. He is a very bright young mind with mountains of potential. Achille can come off as a handful at times, but he is a truly loveable child with an abundance of energy and kindness. They two boys love having fun and playing games, and, despite their age difference, they get along quite well, which made things a great deal easier for myself. 

In addition to myself, a housekeeper, Anetta, was also working for the family. Anetta's duties took a great deal of the stress and responsibility off of my own shoulders. Throughout my stay with this family, I never had to worry about cooking, cleaning, or washing. She was also a great help with the kids when I needed a break. The fact that this family has a governess made things considerably easier for me during my stay. 

Overall, I had a truly positive and life-changing experience with the Damiano's, and I would encourage any person to choose them as a host family. They are kind, intelligent, and loving people who will do their best to make you feel at home, wherever you may come from. 

Thank you again for taking the time to read my recommendation. 

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